It's always an interesting experience to sit down with a cup of tea and sift through the thousands of images in your Lightroom Catalog of the last 12 months.

This year, my photography for 2015 is best described as periods of intensity punctuating longer periods of a creative oasis.  It's easy to blame work, family commitments and external factors like the lack of insect wildlife in another disappointing UK summer, but these are just excuses.  I know that.  I haven't tried anything really new or pushed any of my own boundaries for a while now.  I've played a bit more with long exposures, which is something I will continue with into 2016 for sure, and I have probably improved my craft at street photography.  My main creative block however comes from the fact that I find inspiration much easier when travelling to Japan and Hong Kong.  The collision of colours, sounds and smells combined with the exotic nature of the people and culture to these British eyes, simply means I feel highly energised by taking pictures.  Somehow in 2016 I need to find a way of bringing that excitement into my photography closer to home again.  

Highlights of the year:

  • A very brief trip to Kyoto - always beautiful and fascinating and this year was no exception
  • A work trip to Hong kong with my brother in-tow for photographic outings in spare time
  • A focus on street photography (with Fujiholics in London, and also in Japan and Hong Kong noted above)
  • Three days solo in the Lake District in a small tent borrowed my good mate Nigel Cooke, armed only with Fuji gear
  • Acquisition of a second Fuji body, the amazing  value X-T10

I'll reflect on plans for 2016 in a later post, but below is a selection of what came from 2015.