Thanks to great advice from good buddy and nature enthusiast Nigel Cooke, I ventured to the Fens this weekend for a bit of owl spotting.  Usually I set of on such trips with moderated enthusiasm so as to avoid too much disappointment given nature’s fickleness at turning up on request.  I need not have been so cautious – there was so much to see!

On just 90 mins on Saturday I saw a hare, a kingfisher, 5 short-eared owls, and two barn owls.  Amazing!  Sunday was slightly less busy, but gave closer views of short-eared owls hunting.

I didn’t expect to catch a lot of action on the 300mm F/4L and 1.4x teleconvertor, but did grab some images (below) although all are significantly cropped given the short reach of such a combo.

So I have a new favourite spot – I certainly need to learn a lot of field craft if I’m to learn more about these amazing creatures.  It’s such a pleasure to watch them hunt over the fen.