"The best camera is the one you have with you", is a well known phrase in the photography community, often pointing to the ubiquity of the smart phone as a useful and always available  photography tool.

During a recent business trip to Hong Kong a pretty high level of fatigue was setting in from the daily commutes, intense client work, jet lag, and even from the days 'off' in which I was hitting the streets early for some photography fun with the Fuji kit.

For some respite, and a little fun of course, I decided to see what I could do with only my iPhone (a 6S Plus) during my commutes to work on the MTR.  It is quite liberating to just have a phone as your photography tool, and of course compared with a 'proper' camera it is simply invisible owing to the fact that EVERYONE on the MTR has a phone, and 90% of them are staring zombie-like into their own device at any point in time (even riding escalators and boarding and alighting the trains, which is quite a skill, really).  

All shots edited on the fly to simply apply the Noir filter and boost contrast.

"We're everyday robots on our phones", as Damon Albarn once sang, so honestly.