I arrived in Tokyo somewhat tired at about 7 o'clock this morning.  Despite having a free upgrade to Premium Economy, I didn't get a lot of sleep.  But I had a few hours to use before the family arrived, and not wanting to waste precious time, I decided to head off to Tsukiji which isn't too far from the hotel.  I have visited once before, a few years ago, with a pretty bad hangover after spending most of the previous night doing karaoke in Ginza!  

They now don't let you in to the market until 10am, after which most of the fish has been sold, but it's still a very interesting place.  It's also about to close forever, with the market moving to a new site later in 2016, so it really was an opportunity not to pass by.

All pictures shot on the X-T10 and three lenses, Samyang 12mm, Fujinon 23mm, and Fujinon 56mm.